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Healthy Snacks 🍎

My first tip when looking for the perfect snack to satisfy your latest craving is:

Shop around the perimeter of the store.

Sounds crazy, but next time you go in look at how everything is set up. All your boxed, pre-prepared, and frozen meals are down the isles, yet all the produce, meats, and dairy items are around the perimeter.

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

Some of my favorite treats are:

1) Baby carrots & hummus

2) Cherry tomatoes & mozzarella

3) Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

4) Cottage cheese with honey

5) Mozzarella sticks (I am a die hard cheese lover)

6) Mixed Nuts: Sunflower seeds, pistachios or cashews etc

8) Smoked Salmon & Avocado

9) Fresh fruit

10) Celery & Peanut Butter

11) Apple Slices & Peanut Butter

13) Hard Boiled Eggs

14) Chia Seed Pudding

16) Edamame

17) Pear with Ricotta Cheese (I do love cheese)

18) Turkey and Mozzarella Rolls

19) Pickles

20) Baked Apple Chips

21) Seaweed Crisps


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