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At Strive Fitness we take great pride in what we do and nothing makes us happier then helping our clients reach their personal goals. You don't have to take our word for it though! Check out some of our amazing client testimonials!

​“I have been working with Chloe Le in the gym since 2018. I stated my goals and injury in the beginning and thus began my fitness/nutrition journey. She has programmed countless workouts keeping, I felt, my goals and injury mind, and I have made steady progress. She has the insight to switch up my programs as I adapted still keeping my original goals in mind. I am currently still working with Chloe and still pushing. I am very happy with my current status to include my injury. I am confident with er help and insight I will get to my goals and have the knowledge to maintain it”​

- Robert Daniels Jr


“I have worked with Chloe Le for almost 5 years - she's amazing!!!

I love how she scientifically crafts each workout to fit my specific goals. She helped me train for an Ironman during which she focused my workouts more on strength and endurance. Now we are focusing on core strength and toning.


I've lost 18 lbs in the last 7 weeks and I could not have done it without her!”​

- Courtney Clark

“Training with Chloe has been great! She keeps careful records and plans out workouts so I can track my progress and tell I'm improving, even if I can't see it on the scale sometimes. Every workout is different so I never get bored and she's a great motivator without being pushy. She knows what she's doing, and she always honors her appointments and is flexible when life pops up. I really couldn't ask for a better trainer!”​

- Sarah Hill

“I have gotten so much stronger and happier with myself over the past couple months. My scrawny little arms actually have muscle definition, my abs are visible without flexing and catching the light juuuuust right, my legs are more solid and steady.  I'm super happy that when I initially signed up for a trainer, I got her nerdy self. It was nice that instead of looking at me like I was nuts when I said I wanted to look something like Bakugou Katsuki for a cosplay, she just smiled and said, "I got you'.”​

- Jen Copelin

Fitness Goals

"I started working with Chloé because I wanted to get back into weight lifting. I never thought personal training would be for me, because I can’t stand the body-shaming and calorie-fearing discourse around so much of women’s fitness—but Chloé really listens to your needs and tailors workouts to your specific goals. As a former college athlete, my goal was to improve my strength. I use the past tense because I am now stronger than I ever thought would be possible, given I’m not training with my team every day. Despite my hectic career, Chloé has shown me how to push myself to the next level—so I’m making major strength training gains by packing a punch into every session, no excuses. Training with her has reminded me how fun working out can be when you set concrete goals and rise to the challenge!"

- Alison Reed

"Chloe Le is an excellent trainer. She is very personable, enthusiastic and genuinely cares about her clients. She makes trainings fun and informational. In an effort to provide you with educational resources while you train so that you can understand the benefits of what you are doing. She is also very professional and extremely organized and if you are looking for a trainer that can deliver results she is definitely your Trainer!"

- Darrell R. Crittendon

"I have been working with Chloe since 2017. When I started, I had a very short attention span when it came to working out. Chloe made all my workouts fun and something to look forward to while still being challenging enough to help me build up strength. She pays very close attention to posture and form and adjusts my workouts to fix issues that I didn’t even know I had. Chloe has gone above and beyond to make sure our sessions fit my schedule and environment whether they are at home or in the gym. I am more than confident that she will help and encourage me to reach my next fitness goals."

- Casandra Pearson

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