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Transformation Challenge

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This is Chloe.

Chloe used to be just like you. She didn't know what she was doing when she showed up at the gym. She didn't know if she wanted strength, endurance, or health. She didn't know what path to take.

So she forged her own path. Chloe wanted to share her message with you. Please take some time to watch the video.

The information here is absolutely free and we hope it gives you direction in your journey.


If you're ready to become serious, accountable, and take control of your life then on Step 3 we'll get you into the Transformation Challenge for just $10

There were 3 things that fundementally change the way I approached my training


All the negativity in my life was overwhelming, and I was allowing it to control my life. My body, feelings and attitude, and relationships suffered because I was not handling negativity in a healthy way. So I had to reprogram my own brain.


I started tracking my progress in different ways other than the weight on my scale. I found more positive ways to measure success that made ME happy. The opinions of others soon left my training and I was pushing harder than ever before.

Shit Happens

I started to realize my old habits were holding me back. When I realized I had made a mistake, instead of punishing my self, I decided to look at my failures as learning opportunities. I analyzed them and moved forward stronger than before.

Ready to Take Life back into your hands?

The guidelines for the Challenge


What is your measurement of success? Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, inches lost, body fat %?


What life style changes are you willing to make and more importantly maintain to achieve your scuccess?


Working out at least 3 times a week will boost anyone's mood! It'll also get you multiple steps towards your success.


Join our community on Facebook. We'll be sharing workouts, posting tips, and keeping each other accountable!

What you get when you Sign up


AKA Workouts of the Day. 5 Min burners to get you active. PLUS 30-45min gym routines


Recipes and meal plan ideas shared weekly! We'll have you eating healthier in no time.


Our trainers have over 40+ Years of guidance that YOU have access to.


Did we already mention a community? We did. Because it's so so important!

Strive Success Stories

Jen B.

Jen B_edited.jpg


Jen b 3_edited.jpg


Jen trained with us for 3 months. Her goals were to tone up and tighten up as much as possible.


What she didn't know was she would get mental benefits as well!


Her confidence bolstered with every step towards her toned stomach and arms.

Courtney C.

Courtney is a runner. But we go her into the gym as frequently as her training would allow to build the leg strength to run marathons!

Courtney was so proud of her body's transformation she said it was the first time in years she felt comfortable in a bikini!

Court c_edited.jpg


Court c2_edited.jpg


Chloe F.




Chloe herself!

When Chloe first started training she only did running. She branched into weight lifting, obstacle course-running, and martial arts!

The cross training she accepted into her life helped her understand there is more than just one way to train.

Chloe leads by example!

Ready to make a difference in your life?

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