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Between work and family life can often get away from you. We often forget to or lack the time to focus on our health & fitness. 

With on-demand personal training you will have one less thing to worry about because we come to you! If you have a gym at work, we can come there. If you have a home gym, we can come there. We work around your schedule so you can get some  "you time".  


Our one-on-one on-demand personal training sessions are 45 minutes long and we take full advantage of every minute to give you the best workout! Each session starts with a 10-15 minute warm-up to make sure your muscles are ready for whatever workout we do. During the body of the workout, we push you to the limit and keep you moving the whole time! Then we end with a 5 - 10 minute cool-down to help you recover quickly and correctly.

At Strive Fitness we take the time to identify your fitness goals, asses your current fitness level and develop the right plan that will help you achieve your goals. You can assured knowing you are getting the workout that is right for you.


*Availability varies depending on trainers & client location

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