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1:1 & Online Training!

Online Fitness Class

Our virtual personal training sessions are flexible, cost-effective and live 1-on-1 coaching sessions with one of our certified personal trainers provided through a variety of platforms to help you reach your fitness goals.  

You get all the benefits of working with a fitness professional 1-on-1 but in the comfort of your own home.  No need to travel to a gym, you can easily fit an effective 30 min session into your busy schedule and stay connected to your trainer through a variety of social media avenues for ongoing support. 

Start for as Low as $40 per Session


Our Strive Fitness Personalized Workout Plans a great option if a 1-on-1 or virtual personal trainer is not in the budget right now. That is no reason you should miss out on reaching your fitness goals. 

After completing a fitness assessment and meeting with on of our trainers virtual they will not only develop a descriptive and easy to follow routine to ensure correct form but provide you with motivation, regular check ins and monthly virtual accountability sessions.  

Starting at Just 99.99 a Month


Fitness Armband
Intense Training

With Strive Fitness 1-on-1 Personal Training we come to you on your schedule.

Our trainers start by do a full fitness assessment reviewing everything from balance and flexibility to your current fitness level, and more before developing a unique workout plan for you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, put on muscle, or just learn basic exercise, one of our certified personal trainer can help you achieve real attainable goals.

Starting as Low as $56.25 per Session


*Availability varies depending on trainers & client location

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Strive Fitness Personal Training
Chloe Le

Owner & Trainer

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