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ShFIT Talk #8 - Beating the Winter Gloom

How often do you feel lethargic, lazy, irritable or just down during the winter months. The days get shorter, the weather gets cooler. However there are a number of little tips and tricks to help deal with the winter blues.

Beating the Winter Blues

Stay Active!

It is so easy to just want to go home after work or even harder to pull yourself out of bed in the morning because it is so dark and cold outside. But you have to keep moving. Exercise has been proven to help reduce depression and make you feel better so hitting the gym, going for an evening run or just doing some workouts at home can make a huge difference not only to your mood but your health.

Spoil Yourself

No Joke. Take a weekly bubble bath, sign up for some personal training, get a massage or spa package, take yourself out to a nice dinner or lunch once a week. Something to remind you that, you are awesome and desire to be spoiled!

Brighten It Up!

Yes it is gloomy and cold in the mornings when your alarm goes off and most of the time it is dark before you even leave the office. Your body starts to crave sunlight ...crave that natural vitamin D. Try to get out when you can, on some of those warmer days, try to take a mid-afternoon lunch break walk outside or invest in some indoor “natural light” That sunlight can help bring some light to your mood!

Stay Positive!

With the gloom outside it is easy to let that gloom slip into your life. But staying focused on a goal and what you are grateful for is important. Taking a few moments each morning (or evening) to mediate or focus on what we are grateful for. Toss up a few positive message post-it notes. It can not only help you beat the winter darkness, but improve your mental state.

You are NOT Alone:

The winter blues is a real thing and lots of people get moody or depressed around this time of year. Share with others, having someone you can relate to can help make the struggle easier.

Some people do experience worse depression than others, and if you have severe symptoms it could be a sign of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Loss of energy

  • Changes in appetite or sleep

  • Weight gain or loss

  • Hopelessness

  • Trouble concentrating

If you notice any of these symptoms prolonging or getting worse even with the awesome tips above, reach out to your doctor. Remember, you are not alone!


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