ShFit Talk #26 - Keeping off Those Holiday Pounds

I like to think that I am like most people, that basically November and December are the month this fit girl eats all the food...LIKE ALL THE FOOD. I used to always gain a few extra pounds and they would sneak up on me during these months thanks to all the delicious eggnog, pie, stuffing (I freaking love stuffing), turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, holiday parties, and vacation meal cheating. Did you know that the average American gains 5 lbs (2.27 kg) between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. But it is not just Americans, this is a worldwide occurrence. No wonder so many of us start the year of with a resolution to “Lose 5 Lbs”

So today I wanted to share some tips that have helped me over the years to be able to get back home and be able to get on the scale without fear. Trust me, in the past I would've much rather tossed my scale out the window, but I braved it out.

Anyway, here are some tips! Take em’ or leave em’ :-)