ShFit Talk #27 - Starting that Fitness Journey

We are coming up towards the end of the year, that means those New Year Goals are coming soon! Weight loss is one of the most popular new year's resolutions that people make. In 2019 about 48% of people made a weight loss resolution (according to one survey done by YouGov). But making the resolution isn’t the hardest part, keeping it is. In fact according to the same survey 80% fail within the first year and 20% fail within the FIRST WEEK!

That is crazy, so many people making the same resolution over and over again, year after year. Considering all the benefits you can get out of incorporating more physical activity into your life including reducing your risk of chronic disease, improving your balance and coordination, helping you lose weight, and even boosting your self-esteem.

So how do you start and stick with a fitness journey?!

  1. Design a fitness program & set a plan. Take some time to think about what you