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ShFit Talk #30 - Winter Fitness

It's so easy to workout in the summer, it's nice outside, I can just toss on a pair of shorts and a sports bra and head out. There is always something to do, with such a wider variety of activities, for me, spring through fall is my happy time to workout.

Then winter hits, and I am a South Florida girl. I love the warm weather so our last two stations have NOT been in the nicest area for me personally. Norfolk and meow South Korea. Its December and I am seeing snow. SNOW FOLKS. This girl does not do SNOW!

Working out in the winter is much different, and it is important to stay safe so I figured I would share a few tips and tricks that I have learnt since coming to colder locations.

Layers Layers Layers!

No Joke, when I leave the house I have 3 to 4 layers on and as I warm up and start sweating on my run or whatever I am doing outside, I take those layers off.


After I hit the gym or spend a few hours rolling on the mats training, I am sweaty and hot, but I always remember to cover up. I toss on a dry, warm shirt and coat plus I change my pants. Or put pants on over my gym clothes. Just something to keep me from getting a chill on the way home. I always have a hat to cover up my damp hair and gloves because I love my fingers. Our extremities need love too.


I think I say this in every change I get, and if I don’t I should. Hydrate, especially in winter. It is very easy to skip the water and get dehydrated when is cold outside. So try to keep a bottle of water, or warm tea around. Your lips are cracking, your skin is dry, your urine is dark are dehydrated. Get up, go get a glass of water, drink it and come back and finish the rest of this blog.

Go Bright:

I love black, when I am at the gym literally 90% of my workout gear is black. But in the winter, I try to brighten it up. Since I love to run outside and it is gloomy and dark, bright colors also help people NOTICE ME so I don’t get run over! Living, I am a fan of that!

Sun Screen!

Yes, even though it's overcast and cloudy outside, don’t think for a second that doesn't mean that those special little UV lights aren’t sneaking through. You can get skin cancer, winter or summer. The sun is still out so glob that stuff on!

Check before You Go

Before you get dressed or even step outside take a second to check the weather, check for warnings, check for temperature and put your safety above all else. You can always do a workout inside if you need to, but just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to give up on all outdoor activities.

Winter may be cold, but it doesn't mean you can't get out and do what you love.


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