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Consistency on the Scales - Weighting Yourself

Weighing yourself can be stressful, just the thought of what the number may be can sometimes cause anxiety, but knowing your weight is a helpful step in taking steps to getting and/or staying fit. Heck, for many people it is not the initial weight loss but the maintaining of it that is their biggest challenge. Did you know that on average 2/3rds of people regain all the weight they busted their butts to lose within TWO YEARS!!!

So what, when and how should we weigh ourselves for the best results?

  1. Weight yourself daily: Now this may not work for everyone, some people may struggle with anxiety or it may trigger eating disorders. But for many people, stepping on the scales everyday helps to hold them accountable so they can maintain that healthy lifestyle.

  2. Weigh yourself first thing: As soon as you roll out of bed before you eat or drink a single thing, hop on the scales for the most accurate weight. Why is that the best time? Because your body has had enough time to digest your last meal and you have had a nice little 8(ish) hour fast.

  3. Weigh yourself on a home scale: Between trying to get the most accurate weight, and the fact that you can’t always be sure that your local gym consistently calibrates their scales correctly if you are serious about your fitness journey investing in a decent home scale is 100% worth it.

  4. Weight yourself the same way: Even the smallest change can change the number on your scales. If you weigh yourself in the buff, do it every time. Gym shoes alone can weight around 9 oz (or ½ lb)

  5. Track your weight: Tracking your weight and seeing your progress can help you to identify patterns so you can make adjustments and have an overall idea of what is going on. There are a number of weight tracking apps out there. Apps like My Fitness Pal will send you a reminder 1x a week and provide you with a place to track your meals.

Now if the scales stress you out, it is ok to toss them. There are a number of non-scale ways to check yourself. How do your clothes fit? How is your energy level? How do you feel after going up a flight of stairs?

Remember no matter what that we are all human, no one is perfect, there will be ups and downs, but you should never beat yourself up. You got this!


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