ShFIT Talk Episode #11: The Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Did you know:

The average person spends 12 hours a day sedentary (aka sitting).

Not only that but physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for mortality and leads to an estimated 3.2 million deaths a year.

OK. Now we got all those scary numbers out of the way and I got your attention...let's talk about what inactivity actually is. So often we get blindsided by this “doctor recommended 150 min of activity a week” means you are active. But if all you do is 150 min a week and you spend the rest of the time sitting (be it on the couch watching TV, your desk working, or in front of your PC gaming) yet a common misconception is that exercise counter the effects of inactivity and sitting too long.

Physical inactivity has so many side effects, yet many of us have jobs that seem to equal just 8 hours (480 min) sitting at a desk….that doesn’t even count your: