ShFit Talk #19 - The Importance of Protein

We all hear about the importance of protein. Protein Power has become all the rage but what do we really know about protein and all the cool stuff it does for our body?

Protein’s primary job is to build and repair tissue and structures in your body. It is also invoked in synthesizing hormones, enzymes and more. Protein can also be used to provide your body with energy if you don’t have enough calories/carbs.

When you eat some protein it travels down to your stomach where it is broken down so it can do it’s thing. Protein is created by the body from amino acids and, although we can make some of these amino acids, some essential amino acids have to be acquired through our diet.

The body uses about 20 amino acids to build different types of proteins. Some of those proteins go to build your muscles while others go to other things like the skin, bones and cartilage, and yet other proteins are stored as energy.