ShFit Talk #20 - Fitness Mindset & Motivation

We hear all this talk about mindset. Mindset, mindset mindset. But what is mindset, how does it affect you and your fitness journey and how can you develop/change your mindset? Mindset, is defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone. Basically it is your frame of mind. All your thoughts and beliefs balled up into one to shape the amazing you. It influences how you think, how you feel and what you do...or don’t do. Your mindset plays a huge role in all aspects of your life so it is important for us to care for it, water it, and help it develop and grow into what we want!

Unlike so many other things in our life, our mindset is not fixed. A fixed mindset is an unhappy mindset. It isn’t like your intelligence or skin colour, but instead your mindset is something that you can develop, change and grow. Like with school or learning a new skill, hard work, dedication and practice can change the way your brain thinks about things.

When you take that dedication into the gym or honestly into any area of your life, that positive mental attitude will help you “level up”. But it is not something that you decide to change and then *snap* it happens over night, although that would be pretty damn nice. It takes time.

You have to ask yourself stuff