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Workout for the Weekend - 2/19/21

Looking for a #workout to get your legs fired up? Try this #cardioworkout, it's a perfect #wod for the weekend! 😁

➰ 20 Side to Side Hops

➰ 20 Air Squats

➰ 10 Side Lunge to Balance

➰ 10 Downdog to Plank

➰ 5 Push-ups

➰ 10 Plank Wide Hand Taps

➰ 20 Leg Pulses

➰ 50 Mt. Climbers

Be sure to check out our video. It will help you understand all the movements included in the #workoutroutine, and we provide you with modifications and variations so that no matter what your #fitness level is you can challenge yourself!!! 💪

For more #exercise ideas, head on over to the Strive Fitness Personal Training YouTube Channel for our all past Workout of the Weekend videos and more!


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