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Eat for the body YOU want!

We live in a fast pace world and there are so many choices around us that cater to that lifestyle. It is so easy to pull into a McDonald’s or Burger King drive-thru during a busy lunch or pick up a meat lovers pizza on the way home. The food is not five star great, but it is quick, easyand, let’s be real, good.

Taco Tuesday and Wings Wednesday make it harder and harder to pass up the junk food yummies to go home to cook a healthy, well-balanced meal. Eating healthy can take a little more time, preparation and fore-thought to begin with, but we have to remember to treat food as fuel for the bodies we want. Sure you can grab a burger and fries during lunch, but you will feel it later when you go to the gym. Switching over to well-balanced meals with lots of veggies may take some getting used to, but next time you go to spin class or take a morning run, your body will thank you for it.

Next time you think about stopping off at your favorite fast food restaurant to satisfy your hunger, it doesn't take much time to make a salad (most people don’t think salads can be filling or will roll their eyes at rabbit food, what about a chicken wrap, a lean steak, tuna fillet?) or a smoothie, and in the end you will save money.

Choose to eat to live instead of living to eat!

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